Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my dog benefit from Aquadog even when given less than the recommended daily dose?

Yes, Aquadog will have a beneficial effect. Moreover, during long-term use, skipping a dose or two will not influence its positive effect on your dog’s health.

2. Can I completely switch to Aquadog as a primary water source for my dog?

Yes, Aquadog is suitable for everyday hydration thanks to its overall low mineral content. Increased intake of the active substance in Aquadog has no adverse effect on your dog’s health.

3. My dog is on a special diet and has a sensitive stomach. Can Aquadog cause any problems with digestion?

No digestive problems were observed in animals during product testing. Aquadog also doesn’t contain any listed allergens and is therefore suitable for dogs with allergies.

4. Can I add Aquadog to dog food?

Absolutely. The substances in Aquadog won’t react with dog food and mixing the two won’t lessen Aquadog’s effect. It is a suitable way of giving Aquadog to your dog.

5. Are there any adverse effects when using Aquadog?

Based on available clinical studies and observations of the active substance, no adverse side effects have been reported in animals. The active substances in Aquadog are present at levels deemed absolutely safe for long-term use even when exceeding the recommended daily dose.