Studies and facts

Aquadog product testing

Department of Cynology and Hippology of the Presidium of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic

What was tested?

The experiments focused on overall health condition of the Department’s working dogs, playfulness and activity of the puppies, behavior of the working dogs during training and socializing, and also comprised daily stool checking.


According to the tests, the use of Aquadog Vitaldrink during the trial period had a positive impact on the overall condition of breeding bitches, puppies and all other working dogs.

It was noted that diarrhea frequency went down by at least two-thirds. The Department’s employees concluded that Aquadog greatly influenced the development of puppies and promoted good vitality of breeding bitches before, during and after giving birth. They also noticed Aquadog’s beneficial effect on other working police dogs of the Department. Overall immunity and health boost also contributed to increased hygiene and cleanliness of the dog coops.

Clinical trials of the BAP®-8 active substance

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia

What was tested?

University’s researchers observed the effect of beta glucans on antibody production after vaccination against rabies and canine parvovirus. The experiment comprised long-term oral administration of Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan (in BAP®-8 form) to a group of puppies. The results were then compared to a control group that was not given the active substance. Various parameters of non-specific immunity such as phagocytosis, respiratory burst and the production of lymphocytes were observed.


The administration of the active substance caused a quicker onset of the active immunity and resulted in increased presence of antibodies. BAP®-8 significantly increased the effect of vaccination and non-specific immunity, caused a quicker activation of antibody production, therefore boosting the dogs’ immune system during long-term and regular administration.